41 thoughts on “Hooters

  1. They stand up straight
    And look their best
    Puff out their chest
    But think me purile
    Think me rude
    ‘Cause I did not come here
    For the food
    I think we all
    Have missed the point
    If Hooters is
    A family joint

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  2. Hooting,toothing and hooking I mean not writing practice….just realized it could have been misinterpreted 🙄may be I should really not attempt humor before my morning coffee ……..

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  3. Sexist asshole-ism is like the foundation for lack of self respect and makes the rest of us look really, really bad. Lucky she didn’t cut your fucking hand off. Hedonism, on the other hand (that you still have), is a different tray of wings altogether.

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